Progress: The Third Most Important Characteristic of America

AHEF believes that a simple yet distinct formula exists in American culture and society to explain America’s unparalleled success. This ingenious system of self-government, designed by the American Founders, has worked incredibly well to help millions of citizens live and work with dignity, peace, and happiness. This formula consists of four key historical characteristics or themes. The third is PROGRESS.


Progress – The third most important characteristic of America is progress. America’s advances in socio- economy, science, engineering, inventions, healthcare, communications, transportation, goods and services, and more are a result of Freedom and Unity combining to produce unparalleled Progress. Progress benefits not only America but countries worldwide. Several factors determine a country’s rate of economic progress: freedom, capital investment, energy, and education. These factors increase productivity, output of goods and services, and living standards. Without them, progress is adversely impacted. Progress is composed of the following characteristics:

  1. Freedom – Freedom unleashes human ingenuity and creativity to find new, better ways to improve socio-economic living standards for human beings. In fact, the combining of freedom and unity in America has resulted in unprecedented socio-economic growth benefitting more people than ever before. Freedom is maintained through minimal intrusion of government.
  2. Capital Investment – A reasonable, sensible business climate and tax structure encourage people and investors to take risks and invest, increasing productivity. Capital investment is maintained and encouraged through a modest, reasonable tax structure.
  3. Energy – Once Freedom and Capital Investment create new, improved products and services, abundant and affordable sources of energy are needed to power these advances. Energy is the key multiplier that provides increased productivity and better living conditions.
  4. Education – America must have an educated people who are knowledgeable about our nation’s philosophy, history, and governance and who are responsible and productive citizens in our self- governing nation. Also, an educated and skilled workforce is needed to solve problems and to develop, operate, and maintain new advances, products and services. Education is necessary to sustain our economy and quality of life.

FUPRTM: The Formula for the American Experiment

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