American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™ (AHWCCB)

American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™ (AHWCCB)

The American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™ (AHWCCB) is an academic competition and scholarship for college/university student teams who compete in their knowledge and understanding of Western Civilization and of America’s history, founding philosophy, governance, and civic institutions in order to determine America’s top colleges in educating students on these subjects.

The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) initiated and sponsors AHWCCB™ to address a growing problem—the increasing deficiency in and need for strong civic education in our nation’s schools, culture, society, and citizenry.  Americans of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly uninformed about America’s founding history, principles, and civic institutions.  Further, many schools and colleges no longer teach or require students to take civics, American history, or Western Civilization—though such education is a fundamental responsibility of schools.  Studies and reports in the last 20 years confirm these trends.

The goals of the AHWCCB™ are:

1)  to encourage and incentivize college programs and students to teach and learn these subjects/principles, the American idea, and what it means to be an American;
2) to ignite excitement, engagement, humor, fun, and youthful appeal in the learning of America’s heritage;
3)  to improve understanding, appreciation, and love of the United States of America;
4)  to develop informed, patriotic leaders and contributors in American society; and
5)  to develop an educated citizenry essential to our self-governing republic.

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With a competitive spirit, academic recognition, and financial incentives for student competitors and sponsoring schools, the AHWCCB™ aims to reignite the study of Western Civilization and America’s founding history and philosophy.  Such civic knowledge and understanding is one of the most important purposes of American education. AHWCCB™ also aims to encourage students to become well-informed, engaged citizens and contributors in society who are equipped to perpetuate and improve the realization of America’s founding values.  These outcomes benefit our nation and future.

Topics covered in the competition are relevant to America’s founding heritage.  Topics span from ancient, classical civilizations of the Hebrews and Greco-Romans to the medieval and modern eras including the Reformation, Renaissance, and Enlightenment to the history and founding of the United States of America.

AHWCCB Impact & Feedback:
AHWCCB Impact & Feedback:  Responses from Participating Professors & Students