Freedom: The First Most Important Characteristic of America

American Heritage Education Foundation believes that a simple yet distinct formula exists in American culture and society to explain America’s unparalleled success. This ingenious system of self-government, designed by the American Founders, has worked incredibly well to help millions of citizens live and work with dignity, peace, and happiness. This formula consists of four key historical characteristics or themes. The first is FREEDOM.

freedom-ahefFreedom – The most important characteristic of America is freedom. The early Americans and Founders of our nation believed that their freedom came not from their position in society—most were commoners—or from any man, ruler, or government. Rather, it came from a Creator who endows all human beings, by virtue of their humanity, with natural rights including life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. No man can take away these rights. These rights are unremovable or unalienable because they originate from God. Armed with this belief that their freedom was a gift from God—not a privilege that could be granted or taken away by a man—the early American patriots sought national independence over subjection to England. They committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this cause. In this sense, America historically has been a God-loving nation. Though citizens are free to believe in or not believe in God, the American philosophy is based on the idea that God is the source of man’s rights and freedoms.

FUPRTM: The Formula for the American Experiment

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