American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™ (AHWCCB) Video

The American History & Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™ (AHWCCB) is an academic competition and scholarship for college/university student teams who compete in their knowledge and understanding of Western Civilization and of America’s history, founding philosophy, and civil institutions in order to determine America’s top colleges in educating students on these subjects.

American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) started AHWCCB™ to address a growing problem—the increasing deficiency in and need for strong civic education in our nation’s schools, culture, and society.  Americans of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly uninformed about America’s founding history, principles, and civic institutions.  Further, many schools and colleges no longer teach or require students to take civics, American history, or Western Civilization—though such education is a fundamental responsibility of schools.  Studies and reports in the last 20 years confirm these trends.

AHWCCB Impact & Feedback:
AHWCCB Impact & Feedback:  Responses from Participating Professors and Students

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